XL apple pancake

Today I bring you a “top” breakfast…

because it’s very complete,

because it gives you good energy for the morning until lunch time,

because it’s very easy to prepare,

because autumn for me is apple and cinnamon

… and because it’s delicious!

I’m one of those persons who are really hungry in the morning, so with these quantities you will get an XL pancake 😉

If you are not such a morning eater, you can share it with your “darling”…

I share NOTHING!! 😛

Per person:

1 whole egg + 2 egg whites (or 4 egg whites)

40 gr. oat flakes (4 full tablespoons)

1 apple

a drizzle of milk (skimmed milk or almond milk…)

cinnamon to taste

sweetener (optional, I do not add it)


Dice the apple into small pieces and put it into the microwave for a couple of minutes to make it soft.

Put in a blender the egg whites, oat flakes, milk and sweetener. Blend it.

Put some drops of olive oil in a non-stick pan at mid-heat. Pour your egg mix into the pan, place on top the apple dices and sprinkle cinnamon to taste (lots of cinnamon in my pancake, please!)

When the underside is cooked, flip it.

<If you are not an expert in turning omelettes or pancakes, you can just cover the pan and cook it at low heat –without turning, it will cook nicely as well>

Ready to eat!

To serve, I cut the pancake into quarters, otherwise it has no place on my plate 😉 and I sprinkle some sliced almonds.

With this super breakfast, you will be “on fire”!!



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