Tartar of tomato & avocado

This is a nice summer dinner: fresh and quick to prepare, because in summer we don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, do we?  🙂

For 1 person:

1 big ripe tomato

½ avocado

1 small tin of mackerel in olive oil

salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar


Cut the tomato and avocado in small dices.

Put a pinch of salt on the tomato and a pinch of pepper on the avocado.

Place a ring on a plate, and start to build the “tower”: layer of tomato, layer of avocado, again tomato, a bit of balsamic and on top, the pieces of mackerel with the olive oil from the tin.

Ready to eat!

You can serve it with a slice of bread and green leaves on the side.

It’s delicious when tomatoes are ripe because they are in season.


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