Courgette spaghetti

A very easy recipe, with just a few raw ingredients, so it will hold all its vitamins.

1 courgette
salt, black pepper
olive oil extra virgin
sesame seeds

Wash the courgette well because we won’t peel it. Cut the tips and with a special peeler make long strips like spaghetti. (When you reach the seeds, the centre of courgette won’t be used. You can keep it to make soup).
Put the courgette strips in a sieve and add salt, mixing a bit to distribute it well. Leave it for 20 min. so it will become soft.
Now put our “spaghetti” into a bowl, add black pepper, the juice and zest of half a lime and a bit of olive oil. Mix and serve it with a topping of sesame seeds (they have more calcium than milk).

Ready to eat!

A perfect dish for warm days, after the beach or to take to work in a Tupperware.


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