Watermelon smoothie

These hot days impose some changes in our habits.

This picture is taken at 7:50 am. I know, I’m a bit “weird”… but even on holidays I get up early.

At this time, the temperature is still reasonably warm, so I love sipping a smoothie for breakfast while lying in the sun…

Later, when it becomes really hot, I just look for a place in the shade and if there is a breeze, nobody will move me out of there 😉

Put in a blender:

– a slice of watermelon (without rind, diced)

– a handful of frozen raspberries

– a teaspoon of baobab powder (*)

Blend it… and it’s ready!

(*) Baobab is a fruit from Africa. It’s very rich in minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, antioxidants and fibre. It has lots of vitamin C (10 times more than oranges). We can find it dehydrated and powdered.

… and for the moment I don’t need more. Maybe … go for a swim.


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