Smooth orange cake

This is the easiest and fastest cake in the world. In fact, I’ve baked it while I was showering 😉
Spongy and very healthy, to do this mug-cake you just need to mix 3 ingredients and put it in the microwave.
So it is the perfect breakfast for those mornings when we find it hard to get up and afterwards we don’t have much time to prepare breakfast.

Mug-cake (for 1 person):
1 orange
1 egg white
3 tablespoons of oat flakes
½ teaspoon of powder cacao (without sugar)
Peel the orange (make sure you remove the white part, it’s bitter)
Cut the orange in pieces. Put it in the mixer with the egg white and oats. Mix well.
Pour the mix in a silicon mould (or a mug) and put it in the microwave for 7 min.
Let it cool for some minutes.
Take it out of the mould and sprinkle cacao powder over the cake (for me orange and cacao is the most perfect couple ever) 🙂
Ready to eat!

This smooth cake is a complete breakfast that will give you good energy to start your day.
As the orange has been baked, it has lost its vitamins. That’s why it would be perfect to eat a fresh fruit later in the morning as a snack.


5 thoughts on “Smooth orange cake

    1. Vaya… no te ha quedado bien entonces? No se que ha podido fallar… Le has puesto las 3 cucharadas soperas de copos de avena? Eso es lo que le da textura de bizcochito…

        1. Si tienes razón, queda un poco como un pudding . Quizás en lugar de bizcocho lo debería haber llamado pudding o bollito húmedo.
          Espero que si haces otras de mis recetas, sí que te gusten…

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