Savoury breakfast … and smoothie

Some years ago I couldn’t think of any breakfast but my toast with butter and jam, or a croissant on special occasions… Those were my options.

Nowadays, my breakfasts are very different. I love to vary. And I get up everyday thinking what I’m going to prepare: muesli, waffles, cake, muffins, toast… 🙂

So today I’ve prepared a selection of my favourite toasts.

A very complete and nutritious breakfast, without sugar or saturated fat.

For 1 person:

2 or 3 slices of bread (whole flour: wheat, rye, spelt…) (*)

1 piece of roasted pumpkin (40 min -> oven / 6 min. -> microwave)


some pumpkin seeds

1 tomato

1 egg

¼ ripe avocado

black pepper

sesame seeds (**)


(*) Let’s buy good bread of 100% whole flour, from the bakery, please!

(The bread in the supermarket packed in plastic bags are full of additives, sugar, fat… we cannot call them “bread”)

At home cut the bread in slices of 2 cm. and freeze it. In the mornings we just need to put 2 or 3 frozen slices in the toaster and voilà! fresh and crispy toast in 1 minute.

(**) Sesame seeds have a huge quantity of calcium, 975mg/100gr. A glass of milk has 248mg. Obviously we cannot eat 100 gr. of sesame seeds at any one time, but it’s a good idea to add a handful to some of our dishes.

Toast with pumpkin & cinnamon

Spread on the toast a piece of roasted pumpkin, sprinkle cinnamon and add some pumpkin seeds as topping.

Toast with avocado

Spread on the toast ¼ of ripe avocado, add black pepper, fine slices of tomato and some sesame seeds.

Toast with “fried” egg

Put some drops of water (not oil) in a non-stick pan and cook the egg, it will be like “sunny side up”.

Put on the toast fine slices of tomato and the egg.

And to drink…

Smoothie of apple, cucumber and pineapple

This is one of my favourite combinations.

Put in a blender:

½ apple

a piece of cucumber

a slice of pineapple (not tinned)

Blend very well…

… and ready to enjoy!

As you can see this breakfast contains protein (egg), vitamins (raw fruits & veggies), slow carbs (bread, pumpkin), good unsaturated fats (avocado, seeds) and lots of fibre (whole bread, fruits, veggies) à Energy to fuel our day!

Now when I think of my “old-times-croissant-&-coffee”, I find them so insignificant 😛


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