Rainbow salad

You know when you are going to have guests and you want to prepare something healthy and nice but without much complication?

Well, this was my situation this weekend. I wanted to serve different salads and dishes like it would be a buffet at a hotel, so each person could choose their favourites… and this is how the idea of a rainbow salad was born.

Some vegetables are raw, others steamed or roasted… You can serve it at room temperature or slightly warm.

To get the 7 colours of the rainbow, I have:

  • Steamed broccoli & Avocado.
  • Roasted yellow pepper
  • Roasted carrots
  • Roasted red pepper & cherry tomatoes
  • Boiled red cabbage (blue colour)
  • Raw grated beetroot
  • Boiled Violet potatoes

But we could as well add green leaves, pumpkin, sweet corn, blueberries… whatever you like.

If you prepare this for your guests, I recommend serving a part of it on a big plate – to see the rainbow, and the rest in small bowls so each one can serve easily what they prefer: a bowl with potatoes, another bowl with carrots…

For the dressings:

– Tzatziki   (recipe here)

– Mustard vinaigrette: olive oil (6 TS) + apple-cider vinegar (2TS) + lemon juice (2TS) + mustard (1TS) + salt + black pepper + Provençal herbs.

I hope you like the idea…

And the leftovers, I put them in a jar and it will be my lunch “at work” today 😉


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