Fast pizza

Sometimes I feel like eating pizza… but I don’t want to knead or wait for it to rise, I also don’t want a pre-cooked frozen pizza full of additives and saturated fats.

So, here is the solution: my version of a fast and healthy pizza 😉

For the base: (individual pizza)

120 gr. egg whites (=4 egg whites)

50 gr. oat flour

salt, oregano


For the topping: (your favourite ingredients) I’ve put:

tomato concentrated purée

mushrooms (slices)

zucchini (very thin slices)

cherry tomatoes




Pre-heat the oven.

Mix the flour, egg whites, salt and oregano.

Put this mix in a big, non-stick pan and cook it like it would be a pancake.

pizza proteica base

When both sides are golden, put it on an oven tray.

Add the ingredients you like, my pizza has: tomato purée, mushrooms and zucchini in very thin slices, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and oregano.

pizza proteica ingred

Bake it until the cheese is melting.

Ready to eat!

I know Italians would look at me as if I’m crazy, obviously this is not a traditional pizza, but it’s very good. Moreover it is low in carbs (oat) and high in protein (egg white).

If you make it in a big pan, it will be thin and crunchy, otherwise it will be a bit more thick and spongy, but very nice anyway.

Another option with pesto and fresh green leaves.
pizza green


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