Moroccan cous-cous

This is my Moroccan style cous-cous. 😉  

It is perfect as a one-course lunch because the cereal (cous-cous) + pulses (chickpeas) give a complete protein.

The ginger and cinnamon raise our body temperature and accelerate our metabolism which is very convenient in this season (autumn-winter). 

For 2 persons.

1 cup of cous-cous (whole grain)

2 carrots

1 onion

1 garlic clove

1 big zucchini (or 2 small ones)

3 or 4 hand-full cooked chickpeas

1 hand-full raisins

1 teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon ginger powder

salt, black pepper

extra virgin olive oil

fresh parsley


Put 1 full cup of cous-cous in a bowl and add 1 cup of boiling water, leave it for some minutes, the cous-cous will absorb it.

Mix it a bit with a fork. Reserve it.

In a big pan, put about 2 spoons of olive oil and add: garlic, onion and carrots chopped very small, a pinch of salt and pepper and cook, covered, for 5 min. on medium heat.

Add in the pan: cinnamon, ginger, zucchini chopped in small dices, raisins and chickpeas. Add a tiny bit of water. Cook it all together for 5 min. more.

Add the cous-cous to the pan, mix everything well, and just before serving, add chopped parsley to give freshness and an extra dose of vitamin C.

Ready to eat!

I like to take all these exotic flavours to work in my Tupperware. You can eat it warm or at room-temperature. Try it! You will love it 🙂


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