Melon soup

When it’s really hot I feel like doing nothing else other than bathing.

But, the fact is we do need to eat… and nope! eating a bag of chips from the beach bar is not the best option to feed ourselves :-/

Precisely because of the hot temperatures our body needs to be well nourished and hydrated.

So, today I prepare one of those dishes I like because it’s fresh, easy and fast to prepare and with the nutrients we need the most in this hot season: vitamins, minerals, fibre, some protein and above all: water!

For 3 persons:

1 melon (about 800 gr. once it’s clean from skin & seeds)

juice of ½ orange (about 3 tablespoons = 30 gr.)

balsamic vinegar (about 3 tablespoons = 30 gr.)

black pepper

mozzarella (little balls)

cooked shrimp or cured ham


Make some balls of melon. – With a “parisienne” scoop is really easy, if you don’t have one, cut it into dices.  

Make the skewers, alternating:

  • Balls of melon and ham
  • Balls of melon, mozzarella balls and cooked shrimp.

Reserve them.

Put in a blender: the rest of the melon, orange juice, vinegar and pepper. Blend it.

Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours (or more), to be very cold.

At lunchtime you just need to serve the melon soup very cold. Garnish it with the skewers.

Ready to eat!

This soup “gazpacho style” with only 3 ingredients is really refreshing and delicious.

Remember nature offers us in summer a lot of fruits & vegetables rich in water, vitamins and minerals because this is exactly what our body needs now.

So, let’s enjoy these juicy melons, watermelons, peaches, prunes, apricots, nectarines…


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