Fruit tartlets

Some days have past since I tried out a new pastry, but today I woke up feeling like eating something special … and sweet.

As I am always very hungry in the morning when I get up, I had to start with a pre-breakfast: a good piece of fresh melon. Then I was ready to prepare these fruit tartlets as a “breakfast part 2” 😉

They are really delicious.

If you don’t fancy a sweet breakfast, you can also bake them for your afternoon tea or as dessert.

For 2 pie tins (moulds) of 11 cm:

40 gr. oat flour

40 gr. fine oat flakes

30 ml. of water

cinnamon to taste

sweetener to taste (honey, stevia, agave… I put a teaspoon of agave)


2 tablespoons of ground almonds

2 tablespoons of quark or creamy yogurt (0% fat)

fruits to taste (kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, mango…)


Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees.

To do the tartlets:

Mix the flour, oat flakes, water, cinnamon and sweetener to make a thick and sticky dough.

Divide it in 2 parts and press it between your hands to extend it (not on the table because it would stick to it)

Put the dough in the moulds pressing it against the “walls”.

Bake it at 170 degrees for 20 min.

Take it out from the oven and let it cool down.

When the tartlets are cold, sprinkle ground almonds in the bottom, then a spoon of quark, and on top the fruits you prefer.

Ready to eat!

Tip: to take the tartlets out from the mould the easiest way is when they are baked and cold but before the filling.

I hope you try them and you like them as much as we did.


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