French toast

I like the traditions.

In Spain there are some “musts”: for Easter we eat chickpeas, codfish and “torrijas” (French toast).

So today I prepared French toasts, our Easter Breakfast. They are delicious… and light.

As you know, I’m not for packaged loaves of bread from the supermarket. They have 1000 mysterious ingredients to hold it fresh for weeks!! 🙁

Let’s buy good bread in a bakery, where bakers still do it with flour, water, salt and kneading. That’s it: simple and real bread.

And we will get perfect French toast 😉

For 1 person:

1 or 2 slices of bread (dense loaf)

2 egg whites

a splash of milk

cinnamon powder

a touch of agave (or honey or sweetener without calories… your choice)


Put in a soup plate: the egg whites, milk, cinnamon and agave. Mix it.

Cut the bread into thick slices (about 2.5 cm.)

Put them into the mix of egg-cinnamon to soak and leave it in the fridge for at least 30 min. (the longer, the better).

Put a pan with a touch of olive oil at mid-heat and “fry” the toast (about 2 min. each side).

You can serve them warm, with some fresh fruits, yogurt, a little bit of honey…

Ready to eat!

The trick is to leave them for long time dunked in the mix of egg-cinnamon, so they will soak the liquid like they would be a sponge. And when cooked, they will be crunchy outside and tender and moisture inside.


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