Fajitas “mediterranean style”

This is a good dinner for the weekend, when we want to eat something a bit special, but still healthy and fit  🙂

If we make the fajitas ourselves, they won’t contain saturated fat, additives, sugar or excess of salt.

For 3 fajitas

4 tablespoons of oats whole flour (or from another cereal)

1 egg white

some water (150 ml ca.)

a pinch of salt


½ zucchini (courgette)

½ aubergine

1 chicken breast (without skin)

some sun-dried tomatoes

a full hand of rucola salad

olive oil, salt, black pepper, provençal herbs


Cut the chicken breast in strips, and grill it with a pinch of black pepper and provençal herbs. Put it to the side.

Cut the aubergine and zucchini in slices of 1 cm and put them in an oven tray with a pinch of salt, pepper, provençal herbs and olive oil, and cook in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 min.

To make the fajitas: mix in a bowl flour, egg white, water and pinch of salt (the texture has to be like a creamy yogurt).

Put a part of the mix into a big, non-stick pan. Make sure the mixture is well distributed, it has to be a very thin layer.

After a couple of minutes you can turn it and cook it 2 min. more on the other side.

Put it aside and make the next fajita. Continue making the fajitas until you finish all your mixture.

Fill up the fajitas with some rucola leaves, chicken, vegetables, dried tomatoes, and hold it with a toothpick.

Ready to eat!

We can do it with different fillings, such as:

Chicken + guacamole or

Strips of onion, paprika, champignons, soya sauce (sautéed) or

Strips of carrots, onion, veal (or tofu) …

 I like to put the ingredients in a serving dish on the table, so each person can serve themselves what they prefer.


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