Salad niçoise (my way)

The real salad niçoise is very complete, with protein (tuna and egg) and carbs (potatoes). It is a good one-course meal.
Sometimes I do this version which is perfect as a side-dish for grilled meat or my steamed salmon.

Green beans (it can be from a tin)
very red tomatoes
1 spring onion
black olives
dijon mustard
olive oil extra virgin, balsamic, black pepper

Wash the beans and steam them for 5 min. If they are from a tin, just wash them in a colander to remove the salt.
In the bowl where we will serve the salad prepare the vinaigrette, pour olive oil (1 tablespoon per person), a bit of balsamic, 1 teaspoon of mustard and black pepper and mix it with a fork until is well emulsified.
Now add the green beans, chopped tomatoes, julienne-cut onion, and also fine-chopped olives and capers.
Mix all ingredients well and leave it for at least 1 hour, so the flavours can blend together.

(Not necessary to add salt because the olives and the capers give a savoury touch.)

Ready to eat!

I like to eat it at room temperature, not cold from fridge.

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