Salad niçoise (Ideas to not think what to do for dinner)

How many times have we asked ourselves: “…and what can I do for dinner?”

I think it’s as common a question as “I have nothing to wear” 😉

Well, I will start today with a section of ideas for dinner (or lunch). So we can resort to it when we need inspiration. …because ordering a pizza or buying junk food is NOT a good option, neither for our body nor for our wallet.

Salad niçoise

“baby” potatoes

green beans (can be from a tin)

ripe tomatoes or cherry tomatoes

2 spring onions

extra virgin olive oil

salt, oregano



Boil the potatoes with its skin for about 20 min.

Drain them and when they are cool, cut them in slices of about 1 cm.

Optional step: In a pan at high heat put some drops of olive oil and sauté the potato slices for 1 min. until they get a golden colour.

If you have fresh green beans, boil them for about 8 min. If you bought a tin, drain and rinse them.

Dice the tomatoes and season them with a pinch of salt and oregano.

Chop the onions into thin slices.

In a salad bowl distribute the potatoes and over them: the beans, tomatoes and spring onions.

Dressing: Put in an empty jam jar: 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 1 teaspoon of water. Close and shake it.

Pour it over the salad.

Put the salmon steak in a steam case or steamer, add salt, pepper and dill to taste and steam it for about 8-10 min.

Ready to eat!


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