Winter salad

This is my favourite winter salad  🙂  The mix of leaves with baked roots and the citrus dressing vinaigrette is … terrific!

It can be a side dish for any fish or meat, but I love it so much, I eat it as a main dish.

I don’t need anything else to be happy! 😉

For 4 persons

8-10 carrots (small ones)

2 fennel

2 beetroot

½ cauliflower

1 grapefruit (or 1 orange if you dislike the bitter taste of grapefruit)

mix of salad leaves

salt, black pepper, thyme

extra virgin olive oil



Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees.

Wash the veggies very well. Don’t peel them.

Cut off the tips of the carrots -if they are not small cut them in half from up to down.

Cut the fennel in 6 pieces, also from up to down.

Cut the beetroot in 4 or 6 pieces.

Cut the cauliflower in small “flowers”.

Put all the veggies on an oven tray.

Add salt, black pepper, thyme (or oregano, parsley…), a good splash of olive oil and the juice of the grapefruit. Mix well with your hands, so all the vegetables will be well soaked.

Roast it for 50 min. at 180 degrees.

Leave it until the vegetables cool.

In a big salad bowl, put the roasted veggies with the juice that remained in the oven tray. Add fresh salad leaves to the top.

Just before serving add a touch of olive oil and mix everything so the leaves will be dressed with the vegetable juices.

Ready to eat!


Without doubt this salad will be the perfect couple for a roast or fish on my Xmas table.


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