About me

I’m Patricia and all my life I’ve enjoyed eating.

At the age of 8 I did my first diet on the advice of my doctor.
So I can assure you I’m an expert in „being on a diet/ watching for what I should not eat/ being hungry/ doing the diet X“

Then one day I decided to learn to eat well, to change my strategy:
Do not diet anymore but change my lifestyle.
I started losing weight consistently but also my hair became stronger, my skin looked better, the migraines I used to suffer from disappeared, and I started to have energy and vitality like I never had before.
I was enchanted with my new “Me”, and as I saw more changes in my body, I wanted to learn more.
So I returned to University to study Nutrition and Diet-therapy. I’ve attended seminars and conferences… and very often I thought, “why I did not learn about this before, why is this not a subject in the primary school, why I’ve lived so many years without knowing the key?”

So I cannot keep it to myself. I want to share it with you, with those of you who are tired of diets.
Let’s learn to eat well and to live fit.
It’s easy and delicious.