Croquettes de broccoli

These “green” croquettes are a good way to get used to the flavour of vegetables for those persons who are not really friends of greens… yet  🙂

A very, very easy recipe and they are so good… I love them!!!

For about 8-10 croquettes:

200 gr. of broccoli flowers

1 onion (in big dices)

40 gr. whole oat flour

20 gr. grated cheese (fat reduced)

1 egg

salt, black pepper


Pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees.

Cook the broccoli and onion for 2 minutes in the microwave, and leave it to cool.

Chop both vegetables very small (you can use a mincer)

In a bowl, mix: broccoli, onion, flour, cheese, egg, salt & pepper.

Form the croquettes and put them on an oven tray with wax paper.

Bake it at 200 degrees until they are golden (about 15 min.)

Ready to eat!

Croquettes were never so healthy and light 😉

I like them as a garnish for a grilled fish, or as part of a “finger food dinner”.


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