Chicken & mushrooms burger – stuffed with cheese

There are some dishes we all love but we try to avoid and leave them for special occasions because we can see the calories, sugar and levels of cholesterol increasing in our body just thinking of them.

If somebody proposes to have a burger for dinner, we probably will think: “Bah, junk food” 🙁

Well… this was our Saturday’s dinner: a good burger. Good in all senses: Good because it is really delicious and good because it’s healthy – without saturated fat, or refined flour and butter buns, or fatty sauces…

Don’t miss preparing them because you will love them! Can you imagine the melting cheese when you bite it? And the flavour of the mushrooms..?

Let’s do this!

For 4 persons:

500 gr. chicken breast

80 gr. dried mushrooms (boletus)

1 spring onion

1 egg

½ mozzarella ball

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

salt, pepper


Whole flour buns

Lettuce leaves, tomatoes, avocado, pickles


Rehydrate the dried mushrooms in warm water 1 hour in advance.

Mince the chicken breast (without skin or fat) in a mincer.

Chop the spring onions and the mushrooms once they are hydrated and drained.

Put in a big bowl: the chopped chicken, onion and mushrooms. Season them with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Add the egg and mix everything until it becomes an homogeneous mixture.

Form a thin burger patty, put a cheese cube in the centre and cover it with more meat to get a normal sized burger. (You will get 4 burgers).

Leave them in the fridge for 30 min.

Cook them in a pan, grill or oven for about 10 min. until they get a golden colour.

Prepare the ingredients you would like to serve the burger with: toasted buns, lettuce leaves, some slices of tomato and avocado…

Serve the burgers and…

Ready to eat!


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