Carrot & orange salad

I adore spring with more hours of daylight and a deep blue sky. I would spend whole days walking outdoors, feeling the sun and smelling the new growth…

And this salad for me “is” spring.

The orange colour of the ingredients show they have carotenes / vitamin A -an antioxidant that activates the melanin and protects our skin and mucous membranes.

Carrots also have vitamin B, C, E, iron and fibre and if we eat it raw, it reduces the sugar blood level.

So carrots have became a kind of tradition at home: during this season I often prepare this salad full of beta-carotenes that in addition to giving a nice colour to our skin, it protects it from sun exposure 🙂

For 3-4 persons:

1 slice of good whole bread

2 pinches of cumin

a handful of pine nuts (or pistachios)

1 orange

juice of ½ orange

6-8 carrots

a handful of fresh mint

1 plain yogurt (or fresh cheese, cottage cheese…)

extra virgin olive oil

salt, black pepper


In a pan (without oil) roast the cumin and the pine nuts.

Dice the bread and add them to the pan with a touch of black pepper. Roast it for some minutes. Put it aside.

Grate the peel of an orange and put it into a bowl.

Peel the orange and chop it in dices, add it to the bowl.

Grate the carrots (washed) and add them to the bowl.

Dress with olive oil, salt, orange juice and some finely chopped fresh mint leaves.

Mix well and put it on a serving plate.

Add the pine nuts, bread and some spoons of fresh cheese.

Garnish with some more small mint leaves and a touch of olive oil and pepper.

Ready to eat!

Don’t fail to prepare this salad. I’m sure you will love it…

Moreover it’s perfect to take it in a tupperware because it won’t be limp but the opposite, when you prepare it in advance the flavours will be intensified so it will taste even better.


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