Today I have a very easy and fast recipe for an afternoon snack or as dessert.

Actually, I could call them “3 minute strawberries”, as this is the time it takes me to prepare them… and also the time they have survived on our table – just 3 minutes 😉


Quark (low-fat)

Ground almonds


Wash and cut the top of the strawberries (green part).

Spread quark on the cut part.

Dip it in the ground almonds.

Insert 3 or 4 strawberries on a skewer.


We have eaten them in the afternoon as a snack… but before serving them, I reserved (actually I hid) 2 skewers 😛 to put them on my green salad for dinner.

I know some people don’t like to have fruits with a savoury dish, but I love it. So if you are also a fan of contrasts, I highly recommend it 🙂


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