Asparagus & egg toast (2 versions)

For me asparagus and eggs are the perfect couple.

This is a quick and easy dish using only a few ingredients and … dinner is ready.

At home we have 2 opposing sides: the followers of scrambled eggs and the defenders of fried eggs.

So I do 2 different versions of this dish 😉

For one person:

2 eggs

3 or 4 white fresh asparagus

1 loaf of “good” bread (about 2 cm. thick) (*)

salt, black pepper, olive oil

some leaves of baby spinach

1 slice of Iberian ham (optional)


(*) Please, don’t buy packaged bread from the supermarket. They have 1000 mysterious ingredients, sugar, fat… to keep it fresh for weeks!! Let’s buy good bread in a bakery 🙂


First wash and peel the asparagus, eliminating the hard part of the asparagus stalk (about last 4 cm.) as it’s too hard to eat.

Cut the asparagus stalk in fine slices and leave the tip in 1 piece.

Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and cook the asparagus (slices and tips) at mid-low heat until they are golden. Put them aside.

Cut a circle in the middle of the bread loaf (with a dough cutter or a glass) –so you get a hole in your bread.

Put both parts of the loaf in the pan (without adding any oil) to toast them.

Once we have the bread toasting in the pan…

Version 1:

Put the slices of asparagus in the hole of the bread and 2 eggs on top. Add salt & pepper and cover the pan to cook the egg white and keep the yolk tender.

Take it out of the pan carefully and put it on a plate. Garnish with the asparagus tips, chopped pieces of ham and the bread “cover”, which you had cut out earlier.

Version 2:

Whisk 2 eggs, add salt, pepper and the asparagus slices. Cook it in a non-stick pan as scrambled eggs.

Serve the toast on a plate, place the scrambled eggs in the hole of the toast and garnish with the asparagus tips, chopped pieces of ham and the bread “cover”.

Ready to eat!

I usually serve this with a well dressed baby spinach salad.

So… which version you prefer? 😉


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